The surfaces sector is enjoying a period of significant development with an evolutionary dynamic driven by the creativity and innovation of materials and processes. The European resilient cladding market is expected to experience growth of between 6 and 18%, boosted by five macro-trends that guide the consumer: 

  • Demographic growth and greater financial accessibility to homes that become increasingly accessible and are built more quickly and efficiently.
  • Urbanisation and smart cities: multi-functional buildings and modular urban planning are on the increase.
  • Technological evolution favours a reduction in costs, the introduction of new and efficient production processing, automation, and the personalisation of consumption/distribution.
  • Environmental consciousness and related regulations lead to an increase in transportation costs and steer production development towards environmental sustainability.
  • New consumer lifestyles and personalisation requests: increasingly specific, tailor-made solutions are emerging, while the importance of e-commerce grows, as does the influence of the final consumer.